“The whole experience has been positive. You have a friendly staff, comfortable office and very competent surgeon. Thank you.”

“The staff was great at answering ALL my many questions. They were very honest and informative. I was very nervous (and excited) about my surgery and the morning I came to have it done, Dr. Hiatt was very calming and I knew everything would be great. I have already recommended you to several friends and family. You are all wonderful!!!”

“I was very happy and satisfied with my whole experience at your office. I will refer other people as well.”

“Very comfortable atmosphere! Very friendly!”

“A Very helpful and friendly staff. I would recommend Dr. Hiatt to my friends.”

“Everything was Great! I have been referring you and I will continue.”

“Completely satisfied! I would highly recommend your service.”

“Very nice each time I’ve been in over several years! Consistently pleasant!”

“I love this place!!”

“Thank you so very much!! Better experience than expected! Thanks for all you did to help me and I will refer you to all my friends and family!!”

“I have had such a good experience. I feel I am in very good hands! Thank you!”

“I am very pleased with the results of my surgery. Karen was great and so was Dr. Hiatt. I will definitely recommend you to others! I love it! Thank you, I feel so much more full as a woman!”

“Wonderful Dr. and staff. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend you!”

“Can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Hiatt was!”

“I very much appreciated the nurse. She sang along with the music that was playing. It made me feel at ease. Thank you so much!”

“For the first time in my life, I not only see myself looking very attractive, I feel it. I never have felt that I was getting older and now I don’t need to look like it.” Thanks so much for helping me.

“Every day looks better and better. You made this woman very happy and content. I have confidence now. When I was younger I was made fun of and now I can finish the rest of my life out being a lot happier and confident.”

“The office was very nice and I liked Dr. Hiatt a lot, he was very friendly.”

“All of the nurses said, ‘Hi’, and Dr. Hiatt answered all of my questions right away with no hesitations.”

“Everyone there was fantastic. Dr. Hiatt was such a nice guy; he explained everything to me. Dr. Hiatt is unbelievable! I would pay three times more just to have Dr. Hiatt do the surgery.”

“The doctor’s office staff was wonderful, Dr. Hiatt was really nice. For the first time in my life I am pleased to look at my own nose.”
Becky – Rhinoplasty

My procedure “makes me feel younger and lighter on my feet.”

“Dr. Hiatt did a great job, I love it.” “It is a great boost to my self confidence.”
Monica – Rhinoplasty