Turning Pointe Surgery Center

Turning Pointe Surgery Center, located in the city of Mesa, Arizona, offers patients a safe and comfortable surgical suite for undergoing plastic surgery and attaining their cosmetic goals.

Dr. Karl B. Hiatt is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the medical director of Turning Pointe. His privately owned medical practice comprises Turning Pointe as well as an adjacent suite in the same building for his clinic and medical offices, where he and his cosmetic staff perform non-surgical treatments such as laser hair removal, photo facials and myraDry treatment for unwanted underarm odor, sweat, and hair.

Dr. Hiatt is the only surgeon who operates at Turning Pointe, where he upholds the highest standards of patient safety.

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About Turning Pointe Surgery Center


While we offer many more procedures and treatments to help you attain the rejuvenation or enhancement you desire, some of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed at Turning Pointe include:

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