Tummy Tuck

The abdomen is one of the hardest areas for most people to tone and trim. Aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy often leave loose, excess skin and stretched muscles that cannot be targeted with diet and exercise.

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure designed to address these issues and restore a flatter, more attractive abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery removes excess fat and skin from the midsection. The process also tightens the abdominal muscles to improve core strength and muscle tone.

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What Can a Tummy Tuck Achieve?

How Is the Tummy Tuck Procedure Done?


  • Tummy tucks are performed with the patient under general anesthesia


  • An incision will be made horizontally from hip to hip along the lower abdomen
  • A second incision will be made around the navel, if needed


  • Muscles will be brought together and tightened with sutures
  • Excess fat will be removed
  • Liposuction techniques may be used to remove larger amounts of fat or fat from the hips and waist, if needed
  • The remaining skin is draped over the new, more slender frame
  • Excess skin is removed

Incision seal

  • The incisions are closed with hidden, dissolving sutures

Tummy Tuck Concerns

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