Over the past decade, earlobe gauges of various sizes have become popular in some youth groups. Gauged ears have been in fashion for many teens who have now grown up and are attempting to enter the workforce. Many of those with gauged ears are finding that it has a negative impact on their ability to secure a job and are wanting their gauge holes to be closed.

Dr. Hiatt offers earlobe gauge hole repair, a safe procedure designed to restore the natural appearance of earlobes.


One should have realistic expectations about the results before undergoing earlobe repair. This technique can address various degrees of stretched earlobes. People who commonly seek out earlobe repair have one or more of the following:

  • Stretched earlobes from gauges
  • Elongated earlobes caused by large gauges
  • Ripped earlobes caused by accident or trauma

Why Choose Earlobe Repair?

  • Some career paths require repair of gauged earlobe holes
  • The military requires closure of gauged earlobe holes
  • You no longer like the look of your ears
  • You want to reduce the size of your piercing to wear more traditional earrings

Earlobe Repair Process

Earlobe repair is a safe process. A local anesthetic is used to numb the ears. Patients remain completely aware, without pain, throughout the procedure. Small incisions are placed as necessary around the earlobe, and the stretched pieces of tissue are stitched together. Dr. Hiatt works to maintain a smooth, natural ear appearance. Patients are typically in and out of treatment in less than two hours.


Your ears will be swollen and feel sore usually for a day or two. Antibiotic ointment is to be kept on the ears to prevent infection. You can immediately resume your regular activities but should avoid getting your ears dirty for seven to 10 days. Your ears should return to a fairly normal appearance after two to three weeks. Re-piercing your ears can be done three to six months after the gauge hole closure if you desire to wear traditional, lightweight jewelry.


Gauge hole repair provides permanent improvements in your ears. Some visible scarring may develop initially but is likely to fade and doesn’t impact the overall quality of your appearance.

If you are interested in seeing how earlobe repair can benefit you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hiatt today. Call our office at (480) 844-1410, or you can contact us online.