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Many women choose to get breast implants before they have children. There is no doubt that pregnancy and nursing affect the aesthetic appearance of the breasts.

Even women who do not have implants experience fluctuations in size, shape, and projection; and these changes can sometimes be more noticeable with women who have implants.

Young mother holding her newborn child

Young mother holding her newborn child.

If you have breast implants and are considering having children, you may be wondering how your pregnancy will alter the aesthetic appearance of your breasts.

Unfortunately, you cannot predict the way that your breasts will respond to the childbearing process; however, you can educate yourself on the options.

What Causes Alterations to Your Breast Appearance?

Rapid Fluctuations

Early pregnancy causes the breast tissue to swell due to the shift of hormones and the amounts of estrogen and progesterone in the body. These levels cause the development of breast duct cells and allow for the production of milk.

Milk ducts are not the only factor in breast growth during pregnancy. The blood in your body also increases to aid in the development of your baby. This increased amount of blood can cause the breasts to appear more full and swollen. These changes occur whether or not implants are present.


Often, breast implants do not affect the ability to breastfeed or the extent to which you can breastfeed. This is because the placement of the implant and incision typically does not impede the flow of or damage the milk ducts.

What Can You Do?

Pregnancy will not affect the implants themselves. They will maintain the same shape and size regardless of one or more pregnancies. Unfortunately, the natural breast tissue and skin may change, which will alter the way your breasts look.  When your breast size increases from pregnancy and nursing and then goes down afterward, it is common to have some droop.

If you are unhappy with the aesthetics of your augmented breasts after having one or more children, an additional breast procedure may be appropriate.

To Change Sizes

Occasionally the breasts (with or without implants) return to their original size after childbirth and breastfeeding, but that is not usually the case. If you don’t lose all of the weight, your breast may be larger than before.  Some women actually lose volume.

While some women are pleased with the new size, others wish to change their breast size.

Breast revision allows women to swap out their implants for those of different sizes. This process is an easy and quick cosmetic procedure that often uses the same incision as your initial augmentation.

To Restore Aesthetics

Breast Lift Patient Before and After Photos

*Actual Patient* Results May Vary

Just like women without implants, some women with augmented breasts discover that their breasts, including their implants, start to sag after pregnancy.

This ptosis may be more noticeable for women with larger implants due to the excess weight. If your implants are starting to sag, a breast lift can restore the firmness and elevation to the breasts.

Breast lift surgery will tighten the lax tissue and remove excess skin to restore a youthful and perky appearance.


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