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Breast asymmetry is a common characteristic, with most women experiencing some degree of asymmetry at some point in their lives. Fortunately for most, the level of asymmetry is not noticeable.

Sadly, some women do develop a noticeable unevenness of the breasts that can only be corrected through a surgical procedure.Diagram of Asymmetric Breast Correction

What Is Breast Asymmetry? 

If a woman’s breasts are equal in size, shape, projection, and elevation, they are considered to be symmetrical. Unfortunately, very few women actually experience this. More often than not, one breast is larger, shaped differently, or sits higher on the chest than the other. This difference between the two breasts is known as asymmetry. 

What Are Common Causes of Breast Asymmetry? 

Women experience breast asymmetry for a variety of reasons. 


Breast development is often associated with your hormone levels. This is why your breasts swell so much when you are ovulating, pregnant, or starting menopause. 

Because you have so many changing hormones during puberty, this is a time that many young women start to develop asymmetry. This may be because one side may have more breast cells than the other, or the cells are more sensitive to the effects of estrogen.  


Heredity is rarely anyone’s favorite thing because if a condition is hereditary, it simply means that it is out of your control. And, unfortunately, breast asymmetry can be inherited. If your mother or grandmother experienced breast asymmetry, there is a significant chance you will as well. 

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions can affect the growth of your breasts. Sadly, one of these is cancer. If you notice breast asymmetry developing out of the blue, you should visit your doctor for a mammogram and, if necessary, biopsy. 

While breast cancer is not the only condition associated with breast asymmetry, if it is a new finding, it should always be evaluated. Early diagnosis is much better for optimal cancer treatment results.

How Do I Fix My Breast Asymmetry? 

Unfortunately, women who experience noticeable breast symmetry cannot correct the difference between their breasts without a surgical procedure. 

Women have a variety of surgical options when it comes to correcting their breasts symmetries. The right procedure for you will depend on whether the breasts are different in size or if they sit at different elevations or even if they have a different amount of skin with sagging (ptosis).

If one breast is larger than the other, women can choose between breast augmentation and breast reduction. Breast augmentation surgery will insert an implant into the smaller breast to even out the size. Some women want to add implants (of different sizes) into both breasts for additional enhancement.

Alternatively, women can choose breast reduction surgery of the larger breast to match the smaller one’s size.

Breast lift surgery is beneficial in combination with augmentation and reduction or as a standalone procedure to correct breasts that sit or project at different levels on the chest. 

You should consult with your doctor about which procedure will benefit you the most.

Want to Learn More About Breast Surgery? 

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