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Our practice is excited to offer the latest treatment for underarm hair removal: miraSmooth™. Unlike laser hair removal, miraSmooth™ is highly effective for removing hair of any color on skin of any tone. Many women who are tired of shaving and waxing choose this treatment because it is fast, effective, safe, and versatile.

Benefits of miraSmooth™ miraSmooth™

“Color Blind”

miraSmooth™ is known as a “color blind” treatment because it can remove light hair on light or dark skin, and it is also effective on dark hair on both dark and light skin. Virtually any skin color and hair color combination can be effectively treated. With laser hair removal, the light from the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle and is therefore not as effective on lighter hair. With the proprietary miraWave® technology of miraSmooth™, only heat is used to target the hair follicles, which makes it universally effective.


As we discussed in a previous post, another use for miraSmooth™ is to reduce excessive underarm sweat and odor. Patients should note that there is no harm in eliminating sweat glands from this area, as the underarms contain only one percent of the estimated two million sweat glands located throughout the body. Your body can still easily cool down by perspiring normally from other areas.


Most patients will experience a 70 percent decrease in underarm hair after only one treatment. For sweat and odor, patients generally experience an immediate 82 percent reduction since the glands and follicles are terminated, results are permanent.


The procedure takes as few as 90 minutes to complete. Patients can resume their normal activities after treatment.


Local anesthesia is administered before treatment. Patients may feel slight suction and some warmth from the handpiece, but they will experience no pain. Recovery may include some swelling and redness in the area.


MiraSmooth™ obtained FDA approval “for the treatment of underarm hair of all colors as well as the permanent reduction of underarm sweat” in July of 2015. It is the only treatment FDA-cleared for these purposes. The microwave technology used with miraSmooth™ has been used in medicine for decades and does not cause any serious adverse effects. Some patients experience redness or slight discomfort after treatment, which subsides. As mentioned above, removing sweat glands from the area does not cause any harm or prevent the body from its natural process of cooling down.

If you are interested in learning more about miraSmooth™, please contact us today. Call (480) 844-1410 or fill out our online contact form for more information.