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The Best Breast Implant for YouBreast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery procedure performed, with over 300,000 performed in 2015 alone. With a 90-percent customer satisfaction rate, it’s no wonder that so many women choose breast augmentation to help them feel more comfortable and confident. However, among those 300,000 women, the chances are that no two breast surgeries were identical. That’s because there is such a wide variety of options available to help you achieve the look and feel you desire. Choosing the right breast implant for yourself can seem overwhelming, but luckily, it doesn’t have to be.

Implant Choices

The type of implant you choose plays a key role in breast enhancement. Everyone has a different aesthetic goal in mind when it comes to breast augmentation, and the right decision for one may not be right for another. It is important that you choose an implant that suits your body, your desires, and for some, your budget.

Implant Material

Implants come in various types of saline or silicone materials.Silicone implants provide a more realistic breast appearance and feel similar to natural breast tissue.  They are much safer with the highly cohesive gel used today.  Also, they are much more durable than implants of the past.

Saline Implants

  • A silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution
  • FDA approved for women 18 years or older
  • Can be inserted through all incision types, including endoscopically through the armpit or belly button
  • Implants are inserted as an empty shell and filled after placement
  • More prone to visible wrinkles and ripples
  • More likely to have visible edges in thinner women or women with less natural breast tissue
  • Feel more like water than breast tissue

Silicone Implants

  • A silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel
  • FDA approved for women 22 years or older
  • Can only be placed via an inframammary or periareolar incision and may require a larger incision
  • Less likely to show visible wrinkles or rippling and maintains its integrity during a leak or rupture

Implant Shape

Implants come in round or anatomical shapes. Round implants are, as the name describes, round. Round implants, under the muscle,  provide more natural-looking results. Larger round implants are more likely to create an augmented appearance in women with thinner breast tissue.

Anatomical implants are “tear-drop” shaped, which better simulates the contour of natural breast tissue. Originally used for reconstructive breast surgeries, anatomical implants are occasionally used in traditional breast augmentations especially with AA chest size women who may not desire upper pole fullness. Anatomical implants are more likely to cause distortion if they rotate in the breast pocket.

Implant Texture

Smooth implants are more common because they are less likely to develop visible rippling. Textured implants that have a rough surface were designed to reduce the risk of capsular contracture.They do have a slightly higher rate of rippling.

Choosing the Right Implant for You

When choosing the right implant for yourself, it is important to consult your surgeon on your options. Other factors such as implant placement and incision choice will affect your breast augmentation and your appearance. Dr. Hiatt is an experienced breast surgeon and can help you decide the best breast implant choice for you.

To schedule your breast augmentation consultation, contact Dr. Hiatt today. You can call our office at (480) 844-1410 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.