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Skin Care TreatmentDull, dry, oily, or acne prone—no matter the type of skin you have, a good skin care routine is important to maintain beautiful skin. If you are like the hundreds of thousands of people who struggle to achieve photo-ready skin, remember that you are not alone. A good skin care routine should be designed to meet your individual needs because everyone’s skin is different. A thorough skin care routine should help fight acne breakouts and reverse some of the effects the environment has on your skin. Here are some habits that should be in your skin care routine for a beautiful complexion.

Healthy Lifestyle

The quality of your skin is determined throughout the day. Bad habits such as smoking, eating greasy foods, not drinking enough water, and not washing your face regularly all negatively impact the health and look of your complexion. Be conscious of other habits such as touching your face or washing your face too hard, as these can damage the skin. If you find yourself engaging in skin-harming habits, take steps to break those habits. Your face will thank you.   

Cleanse Without Over-Cleansing

Washing your face is an important part of any skin care routine. However, many people who are worried about the quality of their skin can tend to over cleanse. Scrubbing more vigorously won’t get your face any cleaner, and it can cause redness and irritation. Using water that is too hot can dry out the skin. Cleansers with harsh chemicals can tighten the skin and even clog your pores. Use a gentle morning cleanser and an exfoliator at night to rid your pores of daily impurities. You should avoid harsh, chemical cleansers and other beauty products, and when in doubt, ask your dermatologist to recommend a quality product.   


Everyone should use a moisturizer morning and night, even if you have oily skin. Moisturizing the skin can actually prevent your body from the overproduction of oil that leads to greasy or shiny skin. It may require some trial and error before you find the right moisturizer for you, but it isn’t a step you should avoid during your skin care routine.

Wear SunScreen

Sunscreen not only protects your skin from cancer-causing UV rays, but it also helps prevent the aesthetic damage caused by those rays. UV rays can lead to wrinkles, freckles, and sun spots. Adding a lightweight sunscreen or SPF makeup to your routine will help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Get Routine Professional Treatments

Occasionally, your skin requires a deeper cleansing than you can achieve at home. Seeing an aesthetician for non-surgical facial procedures can help even out skin tone, fight acne, and improve discoloration. Dr. Hiatt employs a wonderful skin laser technician, Lindalee Clement, who offers a variety of skin care treatments such as:

  • Fractional laser treatments
  • Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance® and Obagi® skin fitness product line
  • Mirco Peels
  • Photofacials

For patients with facial wrinkles or minor volume loss, Dr. Hiatt also provides injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC.

If you’ve been struggling to achieve a better complexion, schedule your consultation today. Call us at (480) 844-1410 or contact us online.