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Asymmetrical breasts are not uncommon; in fact, the vast majority of women experience some degree of breast asymmetry. Fortunately for most of these women, breast asymmetry is not noticeable, especially when hidden beneath clothing. That said, there is a group of women whose breast asymmetry is visibly noticeable. This asymmetry creates a multitude of hardships: a source of anxiety and stress, poor self-image, self-confidence and finding clothing that fits properly.

Female breasts dressed in a white bra

When it comes to breast asymmetry, surgery is one of the options. You have a choice of which type is right for you. When your asymmetry comes to size concerns, breast augmentation enhances the size of the smaller breast and breast reduction reduces the size of the larger breast. If your asymmetry is due to a difference in position, a breast lift can help balance the level of your breasts. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right breast surgery to correct your asymmetry.

All About Size

Many women who suffer from noticeable breast asymmetry find that one breast is significantly larger than the other. The way to fix this type of asymmetry is to even out the size of the breasts through breast augmentation, breast reduction, or both. You and your doctor will decide which is best suited for you. When considering between correcting the larger or smaller breast, think about your body frame. Are you naturally petite? If you are, then larger breasts may make you feel as though your physique is not balanced. Are you a taller woman with broader shoulders? If so, then maybe augmentation will be a better choice.

There is no right or wrong choice. Both augmentation and reduction allow your breasts to become more symmetrical, which will enhance your self-image. You are also not restricted to only having surgery performed on one breast. Both breasts can be enhanced or reduced to meet your desires.

Form and Position

Another type of breast asymmetry comes when your breasts have different forms or positions on the chest. If your breasts have different shapes, then mastopexy is often necessary. If your breasts sit at different levels on your chest, then a breast lift combined with an implant may be needed.

Even with surgery, there is a chance for some degree of breast asymmetry. However, this will likely not be visibly noticeable. If you are suffering from breast asymmetry, contact Dr. Hiatt today by calling (480) 844-1410 to set up a consultation.