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Earlobe repair is a procedure that has been in high demand as a result of the popular trend in gauging earlobes over the last decade. Oftentimes young men or women who get earlobe gauges during their teenage years want to reverse the process once they begin to pursue a professional career or simply grow tired of the trend.

Earlobe Gauging

Earlobe gauging involves stretching the skin around an existing ear piercing with a wooden or metal plug that is larger than a regular earring. Those who wish to increase the size of their gauges start with a small plug and gradually increase the size in two-week increments in order to stretch the skin. Holes that are less than half an inch in diameter may shrink back to their normal measurement once the gauges are no longer worn, but this is not guaranteed. Even smaller holes may not return to their regular size, depending on the elasticity of the skin and how much time the lobe has been stretched for.

About the Repair Procedure

For men or women who seek a more professional look or who simply want their lobes to return to their normal shape and size, earlobe repair is a relatively quick and painless procedure performed at my Mesa, AZ office. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, and any scar tissue around the hole is removed before the surrounding skin is sutured together and reconstructed into a normal earlobe shape. Once the procedure is over, the patient can return to regular activities.

If you are considering earlobe repair surgery or any other plastic surgery procedures, please contact Dr. Hiatt’s office today at (480) 844-1410.