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Don’t Let Excessive Underarm Sweating Interfere With Your Spring

3 Minute Read:  Hyperhidrosis—the technical term for excessive sweating—can be caused by several things, including menopause, diabetes, nervous system disorders, and conditions not linked to health.  No matter what causes it, the condition can be embarrassing and very uncomfortable, especially once the weather warms up and jackets are no longer needed.  Happily, there are treatments […]

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Double the Benefit: a Closer Look at miraDry®

Millions of people in the United States have hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive underarm sweating and unwanted odor. There are many treatments to address hyperhidrosis, including BOTOX®, but these are often temporary solutions for a permanent condition. miraDry® offers what other treatments cannot: a permanent reduction of excessive underarm sweating and odor in one […]

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Treating Odor and Sweat With miraDry®

If you are part of the unlucky 20 percent of the population who suffers from excessive underarm sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, you have probably changed a few things in your life to cope with the condition. Odds are, you’re skilled at reading fabric labels, carefully avoiding heat-trapping materials like silk. You either look for high […]

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