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Should You Combine Procedures?

5 min read Many potential patients come in for a plastic surgery consultation without having a clear idea of what they want. “What plastic surgery do I need?” is a common question asked during these consultations. While some patients benefit from a single procedure, many patients are better suited for a combination procedure. A combination […]

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Benefits of Blepharoplasty

When people think of correcting facial aging, most minds automatically think of facelift surgery. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact reason your face is looking older than you want. Many people complain of wrinkles or volume loss when they are unhappy with an aged appearance. What you may not realize is that your […]

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When Should You Have a Facelift?

There is a false notion that facelifts are reserved for an older population, but this isn’t necessarily true. Facelift surgery is designed to treat sagging facial skin, which can begin to occur as young as 45 years of age depending on your lifestyle and other environmental factors. Age doesn’t really play a factor when deciding […]

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