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Should You Combine Procedures?

5 min read Many potential patients come in for a plastic surgery consultation without having a clear idea of what they want. “What plastic surgery do I need?” is a common question asked during these consultations. While some patients benefit from a single procedure, many patients are better suited for a combination procedure. A combination […]

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When to Combine a Breast Lift With Augmentation

Combination Breast Augmentation and Lift Every year, hundreds of thousands of women choose to boost their confidence and physique by undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Each woman has her own reasons for wanting to change the look of her breasts. They are often too small or appear asymmetrical. In some cases, patients want to add a little perk […]

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Breast Lifts Are on the Rise!

Over time, the breast tissues become loose and stretched, which allows the breasts to droop down and take on a less than attractive shape. Breast lift surgery, also known as “mastopexy,” removes excess skin and tightens the breast tissue to provide more youthful and attractive breasts. Women who have nursed children are especially likely to […]

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