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Combination Breast Augmentation and Lift

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women choose to boost their confidence and physique by undergoing breast augmentation breast liftsurgery. Each woman has her own reasons for wanting to change the look of her breasts. They are often too small or appear asymmetrical. In some cases, patients want to add a little perk to their look. However, breast augmentation alone doesn’t always achieve the look women want, and many women can benefit from a breast lift combined with their augmentation.

A breast lift is performed when a patient wishes to correct the sagging nature of her breasts. During breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed and the surround tissue is tightened. This reshapes the breast and helps support the new contour from the breast augmentation.

Breast Sagging (Breast Ptosis)

Breasts begin to sag for a variety of reasons. The most common reason being that the natural aging process and gravity begin to pull the breasts downward. Weight gain and loss also affect skin elasticity and can cause the breasts to sag. Additionally, many women find that after pregnancy and nursing their breasts have become lax and droopy in appearance.

There are different levels of breast sagging. It can sometimes be difficult for women to discern which category they fall under, given that appearance is often subjective. What seems like an overly drooping breast to one woman may seem perfectly fine to another. These are general guidelines to use when estimating what level of breast ptosis you might have.

Level One

Level one is the most mild form of ptosis. With level one patients, the nipple is above the inframammary fold, and most of the breast tissue is still above the fold as well. Some breast tissue may be lower than the fold, but not the majority.

Level Two

Level two is a moderate form of ptosis. In this level, the nipple is located at the inframammary fold with a significant percentage of breast tissue below the fold as well.

Level Three

Level three is considered the most advanced form of ptosis. At this stage, the nipple is below the inframammary fold and may even point downward.

Reasons to Combine a Breast Lift With an Augmentation

If you have determined that you have breast ptosis before you’ve undergone breast augmentation surgery, you should consider combining a breast lift with your augmentation. Combining these two procedures will produce a two-fold effect.

Effects on the Aesthetics

One reason to combine a breast lift and augmentation is that it will produce a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Large, round breasts look unappealing when they hang too low. When increasing breast size, the surrounding tissue often isn’t ready to support the added weight. Implants can weaken the tissue and cause even more droop.

Preventing Implants From Bottoming Out

Bottoming out is a complication that can develop after breast implant surgery (augmentation). The implants descend below the natural breast fold where the lower breast meets the chest. This creates an indentation across the bottom of the breast(s). Bottoming out typically occurs because the supporting tissue underneath the implant is weak. By tightening the surrounding skin and tissue, a breast lift creates a supportive pocket that helps prevent the implants from bottoming out.

In summary, you should always look ahead when considering breast augmentation surgery, stage three sagging or advanced stage two. Remember that implant size will affect tissue strength. A small degree of laxity may be improved by breast augmentation alone, however, If your breasts already show signs of sagging, without a lift, the condition will only worsen from the added implant weight. Get your ideal body the first time by combining breast augmentation with a breast lift and giving your new breasts the support they deserve.

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