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Woman With Glasses ThinkingBecoming a mother is a fulfilling and life-changing experience, but it may be difficult to restore your pre-baby curves with traditional at-home methods like diet and exercise. A Mommy Makeover can dramatically improve your physique and replenish your self-confidence after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Before undergoing your Mommy Makeover, you should keep these 5 things in mind.

1. It Is a Procedure Package

A Mommy Makeover isn’t just one surgical procedure. It is a combination of surgeries that address cosmetic issues that typically arise from pregnancy. Undergoing multiple alterations at once not only reduces facility and anesthesia fees, but it also allows patients to have a single recovery period. If you want a Mommy Makeover, you can choose from any of the following enhancements:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Liposuction

2. You Need Time to Recover

While recovery varies from patient to patient, you can expect a six to eight-week recovery. The first two weeks will be the most taxing, and you will need lots of rest. If you have small children, have a friend or relative watch them for a few days that way someone can help you as needed. This is not the type of surgery you can undergo on a Friday and go right back to work on Monday. The more time you take to relax and care for yourself, the more comfortable and fruitful your recovery will be.

3. Healthy Living

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is helpful before and after your Mommy Makeover. It is also recommended to maintain a manageable exercise regimen in the months leading up to surgery because strength and endurance tend to help with the healing process. A Mommy Makeover is not a substitute for a balanced diet and exercise, and failing to make healthy choices after surgery can compromise your results. Fortunately, many patients find that once they get into a healthy routine, it is easy to keep pushing.

4. Patience

If you are already planning on having a Mommy Makeover, you have probably been thinking about it for a long time and want results as soon as possible. You will see some significant changes to your body immediately following surgery, but don’t be disappointed if the outcome isn’t exactly what you expected right away. Post-op swelling and bruising can obscure all the beautiful work underneath, but most of the swelling should dissipate after six weeks. Be patient, and you will see your final results before you know it.

5. Potential Scarring

A Mommy Makeover is an intense, full-body renovation, so you will have some scarring afterward. If you select a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience, your incisions will be placed in discrete areas that can be concealed with clothing and swimwear. Scars tend to fade over time anyway, and most patients who choose to undergo a Mommy Makeover feel that the benefits of the surgery outweigh having some scarring.

Deciding to revamp your figure with a Mommy Makeover is a major decision, but you can alleviate your pre-op anxieties through adequate preparation and by discussing any of your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon during your private consultation.